The Universiade is the world university games, the second in importance only to the Olympic Games. Athletes from all over the world take part in the Universiade; about 60% of them later become the Olympics participants. 2013 Unicersiade will host Kazan, Russia

About 2013 Universiade in Kazan, Russia


Competitions on 26 sports will be held during the Universiade in Kazan. About 12 thousand athletes and delegations members from 170 countries, 1.5 thousand mass media representatives and about 100 thousand tourists and spectators from Russia and all over the world will come to the Universiade. The successful Universiade organization will need about 20 thousand volunteers to assist.

64 venues will be used for the Universiade, 36 of them are being specially built.

The Universiade Village in Kazan promises to be one of the best in the Universiade history. It will include information and entertainment centres, a stadium and training gyms. The capacity of the residential area is 14,5 thousand people.

After the Universiade the Village will be converted into a students camps with the training centre of Russian national teams of various sports.

8 indoor and 18 outdoor courts of such a unique sport venue as Tennis Academy will be located on the territory of the Universiade Village.

Mission of Kazan Universiade

The mission of Kazan Universiade is to gather young athletes from all over the world in the city of unique multiethnic heritage.

  • To continue Russian sport traditions, become a launch pad for the future generations of athletes.
  • To make the life of Kazan dwellers more interesting and convenient.
  • Give our children a possibility to do any kind of sport they like, to lead a healthy way of life.
  • To make a significant contribution into the creation of positive image of Russia in the world.

Slogan of Kazan Universiade

The slogan of Kazan Universiade is «U are the world».

Mascot of Kazan Universiade

The mascot of the Universiade in Kazan is Uni, the kitten of winged snow leopard.

The snow leopard or panther (Latin . uncia uncia) is a mammal of the cat family, living in the mountains of the Central Asia- the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, Pamir, Tien Shan, the Caucuses and the Altai. The snow leopard is included into the International Red Book and the Red Book of Russia.

The winged snow leopard is the national symbol of Tatarstan Republic. Stylized, this creature is represented on the emblem of Tatarstan.

The snow leopard is a symbol of Bulgar tsars, the totem of the Bulgar tribe of Barsils, the main group of the Volga Bulgaria population. The cult of the snow leopard originated from the ancient times, and developed in Scythian and Saxon period.

The mountain-climbers having climbed all five seven thousand metres mountains were titled the Snow Leopard in the USSR.

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